Small Businesses are the

Lifeblood of
the American


The opportunity to generate massive wealth through small business investment has never been greater.


Contact Ubuntu to learn how you can take part in this rare opportunity. Invest in their future today.

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A proven and
repeatable model
for business growth

On the surface, Ubuntu’s business model is simple:

We acquire and improve the most promising American small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and help them achieve rapid growth.

Unlike other firms, we don’t just invest capital into the business. We acquire a controlling interest and assume day-to-day management of the business. We use our decades of expertise in every area of business turnaround execution — including revenue growth, scaling, roll-up consolidation, branding and marketing — to help our businesses reach their full profit potential as fast as possible.

Ubuntu’s Success Formula

Ubuntu Private
Income & Equity Fund

Target IRR


Investment Horizon


Management Fee

Hawaii Fudge
The Hawaii Fudge Company Specializes In Hand-Crafted Fudge, Toffee, Brittle and Fudge Ice Cream.
BOUNDARY Supply Provides High Quality & Sustainable Travel Backpacks, Camera Bags & More.
Majella Assisted Living provides a personalized approach to care and offers advanced clinical systems. We are an Assisted Living Facility in North County.
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A Generational Opportunity For Small Business Investors

Many SMBs with great value propositions, strong market opportunities and tremendous upside need capital influx and expert management guidance now. Those that receive this much needed support will be in position to experience explosive growth when the pandemic eases and consumers return to their normal spending and behavioral habits.

For investors today, Ubuntu presents a rare opportunity to acquire a stake in a diversified set of high-quality SMBs at a steep discount to market value, multiplying potential returns over the life of the investment.